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A place to obtain information about Nanki region and where travelers can interact with each other.

We offer space and facilities for information sharing. We also offer a variety of services as a guest house that you can enjoy and be satisfied with during a long-stay. Please find out how to enjoy your own trip here.

  • Reception Desk

    Reception Desk

    In addition to check in and out, we also rent or sell goods you need for your stay. We will also provide information on how to enjoy Shirahama.

  • Entrance Lobby

    Entrance Lobby

    There are comfortable sofas and chairs at the spacious entrance. You can relax while enjoying the sea breeze outside.

  • Information Counter

    Information Counter

    You can get various information about Nanki Area, including World Heritage site Kumano Kodo, nearby tourist destinations and activities from our staff.

  • Photogenic Terrace

    Photogenic Terrace

    You can enjoy having meal at our terrace with a kitchen counter.

  • 100% Natural Hot Spring

    100% Natural Hot Spring

    You can relax at our 100% natural hot spring. You can heal your body during long-stay because Shirahama has long been known as a natural hot spring healing area.

  • Multi-Purpose Toilet

    Multi-Purpose Toilet

    There is a multipurpose toilet on the first floor where no one feels stressed.

  • Valuables Lockers

    Valuables Lockers

    Lockers for your valuables are located next to the reception on the first floor. You can keep small valuables in the lockers.

  • Foot Washing Area to refresh

    Foot Washing Area to refresh

    We have foot washing space to remove sand from the beach. It can also be used as shower to remove sand from your body.

  • Laundry useful for long-stay

    Laundry useful for long-stay

    There is Coin Laundry on the first floor. You can use it freely if you need to do the laundry during your stay.

  • Baggage Storage

    Baggage Storage

    We have Baggage Storage to keep your luggage on the first floor. Use the bicycle key chain to secure your luggage.

  • Smoking Room

    Smoking Room

    A Smoking Room with an air cleaner is located on the first floor. It is available 24 hours.

  • Bar Corner at the Entrance Lobby

    Bar Corner at the
    Entrance Lobby

    We use one corner of the Lobby as a Bar from the evening. You can spend a happy time while enjoying chatting and information exchange. We can serve good drinks and small snacks. (cash only)

2F Shared Space

  • Shared Dining Room with a panoramic view of the sea

    Shared Dining Room with a
    panoramic view of the sea

    Shared Dining Room with Kitchen Island and cookware. Not only cooking but also you can enjoy your meal with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Shared Kitchen where you can enjoy cooking

    Shared Kitchen where you can
    enjoy cooking

    Stoves and cookware are kept on the wide counter. There is also a shared refrigerator.

  • Tableware Shelf

    Tableware Shelf

    Tableware and cookware are available. You can use them freely, but please wash them after using.

  • Free Breakfast Service

    Free Breakfast Service

    Coffee, bread and boiled eggs will be prepared at Shared Kitchen during breakfast time.

  • Useful Tatami Room for the group

    Useful Tatami Room for
    the group

    We offer Shared Tatami Room where our guests can relax. It can also be used for meetings or conference.

  • Shower Room

    Shower Room

    We have two separate Shower Booths for each gender on the second floor, which are available 24 hours. Everyone staying at our hotel can use the shower booths.