Design the Travel
Enjoy the panorama
Design by yourself


The pleasure of traveling is to enjoy with freedom from daily life.
You can go anywhere, anytime and do anything you like.
It is not necessary to have meal or do sightseeing at a fixed time.
‘Guest Living Mu Nanki Shirahama’ is specialized in providing accommodation
designed with the idea of being simple and flexible for the ‘Free Traveler’.
If you stay Mu for Nanki Shirahama Tourism, you can take a trip to Kumano ancient path and enjoy various marine activities.
Of course, it is also possible to spend quiet time leisurely by looking at ocean from here.
Please make your own original plan for enjoying your free time.

5 minutes to Shirarahama Beach100% Natural Hot SpringLet’s play freely!

The attraction of ‘Guest Living Mu Nanki Shirahama’ is to enjoy your
original plan, such as Girls’ Night, Party and Family Trip and so on.

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